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The Schools Guide Series

The Schools Guide Series is the definitive Chinese language guide for the affluent Chinese parents looking to send their children overseas for study. It explains the issues Chinese parents care about when sending their children overseas, including which are the best schools, how many Chinese students are already there and a wealth of other useful information.

Children's education, lifestyle improvements and health are the top concerns of Chinese millionaires, 4 out of 5 millionaires in China are considering sending their child overseas to study.

The UK Guide is now already in its third year and the US in its second. The range is now extending to include Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia and New Zealand.

The Schools Guide Readers

The average age of the reader is 35-50 years, with children aged from 5-20 years. There is a 60/40 male to female readership ratio. Each Guide is distributed to the core Huran Report China Rich List database and is sold at airports in China.

Editorial Content

The Schools Guide series explains the respective education systems, issues parents need to take into consideration when making the transition from the Chinese system, and lists the top preparatory, secondary and undergraduate schools.

  • June: The Best of British Education
  • September: The Best of Swiss Education
  • October: The Best of Canadian Education
  • November: The Best of Amercan Education
  • November: The Best of Singaporean Education
  • December: The Best of Australian & New Zealand Education


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