Circulation Summary
  • CEO's/Int'l VP's of the largest US manufacturers that export 35,620
  • Newsstand 3,700
  • Leadership of foreign parliaments congresses and trade secretaries worldwide 1,855
  • Total 41,175
  • CEO, President, Owner, Chairman 94%
  • VP of international operations 6%
  • Type of Business - Manufacturers that export
  • In addition Global Trade is mailed by name to every member of the US House of Representatives and Senate.

For US Manufacturers that export

Global Trade is written for CEO's of US based manufacturers that source the world looking for ways to increase their international sales and market share.

These are companies that are focused on global trade - the front line in the battle for market share and profit.

Global Trade reaches CEO's directly, because they have the authority to approve key vendor relationships, chart their company's growth and have the purchasing authority to do business on an international scale.

These top executives decide who their logistics partners will be, which global markets to expand to, what banks to use and where to relocate or open a new facility.

They are top management who fly first class and choose the world's finest hotels for their meetings and conventions.

Editorial content and regular columns

Special Reports that cover how to find global suppliers, the most admired companies, outsourcing in India, exporting to China, what makes a multi-national company reputable and many more.

Land/Air/Sea How cargo transportation strategies can help shippers open new markets, tracking cargo, insurance and negotiating for value

Relocation & Expansion Europe's most employer friendly hubs, maximizing the foreign trade zone advantage

Banking on Global Trade maximizing your banking relationships, oversea funding, making payroll in foreign currencies.

Setting your Sites In-depth reports on Global site selection

Bill of Goods Trade talk and gossip from the World's capitals

Global Trade Index Tracking ocean, air, rail and truck carriers

Datebook covering the best upcoming international trade fairs

PLUS Stopovers, flying and meeting in executive style, Par Avion, the readers write back. Looking Back, Historical look at trade through the ages

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Full Page - Page 3 7,300 8.125" width 10.5" high
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