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Creative Head is the most important and influential magazine brand in the UK hairdressing industry. An exciting and unmissable source of information for UK salon owners, managers and creative directors, no other magazine combines intelligence, style, glamour, design, fashion and contemporary culture in an inspiring mix.

A great-looking, impeccably designed glossy monthly magazine, Creative Head writes for the more discerning and experienced hairdresser, salon owner or manager, delivering a unique brand of information, inspiration and innovation in an ultra-smart, perfect-bound, super-sized format.

Reader Profile

Our mailing list reaches 17,000 unique salons

  • ABC audited circulation of 8,000 unique salons
  • Each issue is read for an average of 2 hours
  • 9 team members read each issue
  • Each issue is kept for an average of 18 months
  • 6 - the numberof timeseac issue is revisited


72,000 per issue

Salons employing 4 staff
Salons employing 5 to 9 staff
Salons employing 10 to 20 staff
Salons employing 20+ staff

*Each copy of Creative Head is read by 5.4 members of staff. Figures based on a circulation of 17,000. Source: Creative Head Reader Survey by Survey Solutions

Business Magazine of the year in the 2009 PPA Awards
DISPLAY - Advertising Rates ( in UK Pounds )
Position / Size One time rate Two Consecutive Insertions Three Insertions
£3,800 £3,300 £3,000
Double Page Spread  £4,475 £4,000 £3,700
Full Page £2,795 £2,500 £2,250
Half Page £1,500 £1,250 £1,000
Quarter Page £900 £800 £700

BUSINESS & RECRUITMENT - Advertising Rates ( in UK Pounds )
Size One time rate Dimensions
Full page
£1,400 280mm x 210mm
Half Page Horizontal £800 130mm x 210mm
Quarter Page £425 128mm x 98mm
Landscape Large £250 62mm x 98mm
Medium £150 62mm x 47mm
Small £100 30mm x 47mm
*Series rates on request
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